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With decades of experience under our roof, our capabilities include the production of  industrial patterns, match plates, low pressure molds, permanent molds, core boxes and core handling for the foundry industry. At Crucible Metal Solutions, we utilize the latest technologies like 3D printing to provide high quality, competitively priced industrial tooling.

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From your most complicated tooling design questions to CNC machining and everything in between, our skilled team is here to support you along the way.

  • Design & Engineering

  • Prototype Tools

  • Production Tools

  • Pattern & Mold CNC Machining

  • Contouring

  • Gating

  • Rigging



Crucible Metal utilizes the latest CAD/CAM systems to ensure precision products. No matter the material or process, we can create tooling that meets your specific needs.

Materials we are familiar with include:

  • Wood

  • Renplank

  • Urethane

  • Aluminum

  • Foam

  • Tool Steel

  • Iron 



By utilizing the latest industry protocols and quality procedures, Crucible Metal Solutions provides high quality, competitively priced industrial tooling. We are familiar with:

  • George Fisher

  • KW

  • Disa

  • Hunter

  • Laempe

  • Sinto

  • Tinker Omega

  • Redford

  • Osbourn

  • Baum and many other tool rigging

At Crucible Metal, it's not just about the end product. It’s about the entire experience. Engineering through finished machined castings all under one roof enables us to offer unparalleled lead times and competitive pricing on patterns, molds and cores.

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Specializing in 3D CNC machined patterns, professionals in the casting industry have come to rely on Crucible Metal Solutions to produce quality patterns for all of their casting needs.

  • Match Plates

  • Cope & Drag



Creating durable, accurate molds requires a high level of precision and attention to detail. Crucible Metal Solutions specializes in permanent and low pressure molds and is capable of producing molds for any tilt device. Mold cavities, rigging, and ejection systems are CNC machined and offer single or multi-cavity design.

  • Low Pressure Die Casting

  • Permanent Mold

  • Lost Foam



Whatever your process requirements, Crucible Metal can fabricate core tooling with the same high standards of quality as the rest of our services. We produce core boxes in a variety of materials and in single or multiple cavities. We offer a high quality product to ensure precision castings every time.

  • Dry Sand Tools: Shell, No Bake, Air Set

  • Core Boxes: Cold & Hot Boxes, Isocure

  • Core Handling

  • 3D Printed Cores

Get in touch today to learn more about Crucible Metal Solution's services and capabilities.

TOOLING: Products
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