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Consult Crucible Metal with your most complicated tooling designs and casting questions. Our engineers come from an array of industries, bringing a diverse perspective on every project and thereby more value to our customers. Their experiences not only cover our core competency of patterns, permanent molds and castings; but also plastic injection, lost foam, and die-casting. Although we’d never say we’ve seen it all with our years of experience, we’ve been trusted with some of the most difficult designs and confidential projects in the industry.

When one of our customers came to us with a DOD permanent mold casting they wanted to improve, we flew over a 1,000 miles to go over it in person and brainstorm improvement ideas. The permanent mold consisted of multiple sliding pieces, hydraulics, unique clamping and complicated parting. Our model was approved in just one iteration and the mold was delivered 8 weeks later. Of course we don’t do it alone, our customers partner with us and deal directly with our engineers by phone, web conference or in-person. We don’t see your project as just another PO, we see it as a challenge to show our value and prove our worth to your organization and success.

Engineering services include:

  • CAD modelling from sketch, print or simply adding draft to your supplied model

  • Tooling design from drafted model

  • CNC programming (CAM)

  • Reverse engineering of tools and castings


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